PET plastic board
PET plastic board Replace traditional metal materials due to ABS sheets can be processed with ease and versatility, increased durabili
PVC color stripe tarpaulin
PVC color stripe tarpaulin 1) Material: PVC film, woven Dacron (warp knitting, plain weave)(200D~2000D)
2) Thickness: 0.3mm~0.60mm
Sublimation transfer paper sheet 
Sublimation transfer paper sheet  1) GSM: 75gsm,95gsm,100gsm
2) Photo quality, waterproof, instant dry(very fast dry within 1 second)
3) Perf
Sublimation Printing Roll Paper
Sublimation Printing Roll Paper 1. Piezoelectrical inkjet printers, for Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, WER and other brand inkjet printers

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